Binweevils Summer Party Codes

If you missed the Binweevils Summer Color party then you missed out on a bunch of free Binweevils codes.

The party was a ton of fun and very colorful. There were a bunch of Weevils there hanging out and having a great time.

Everyone got to hang out with Tink and Clott at the party as well. Encase you missed the party and missed out on the free codes, don’t worry because we listed them below.

Binweevils Summer Color Party Codes

So the first hidden code is SECRETWAVES. You will have to type this code in to the code generator to find out what you have just unlocked.

The next Binweevils code is SECRETSAND. Again, we are not going to tell you what this gives you. You will have to find out on your own.

If you are looking for the rest of the Binweevils Codes check out this link. We hope you enjoy using these codes as much as we did.

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Binweevils Summer Color Party

You don’t want to miss out on the Binweevils Summer Color Party that is happening on Tuesday.

Everyone is invited to the party and it will be amazing. Join Tink and Clott at their Summer Color Party on Tuesday July 21st at 4pm on Mulch Island.

binweevils summer party

Make sure you wear something colorful! Also, we heard a rumor that there will be a bunch of free codes at the party to unlock a bunch of items.

We will be there partying with everyone else and to get the free Binweevils Codes!

We hope to see you all there partying on Binweevils. Let’s have some fun!

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Binweevils Monday Challenge For Codes # 1

It’s Monday and that means there is a new Binweevils Dip’s Monday Challenge to get a Free Binweevils Code!

There are several parts to this Binweevils Challenge so lets get started with the first and work our way down! Look at the pictures to spot the differences.

binweevils pool challenge

How many differences do you see between the two pictures?

binweevils pool challenge

You should have noticed that there are a total of 5 differences!

Now for the next part of the Binweevils code you need to find out which Sand Bin is the odd one out.

pool challenge 3

As you should be able to tell, letter “D” is the odd one out! So now we have two parts to the code!

The next thing you need to do is complete the crossword puzzle which we are not going to do for you. The crossword puzzle is a fun puzzle that you get to figure out for the rest of the pieces to complete the Binweevils Code!

Good luck my fellow Weevils!

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New Pool Nestco Items Coming This Week

There are a bunch of new pool Nestco items coming to Binweevils this week!

This is your chance to grab some new items from the Binweevils Nestco shop before anyone else does.

This week will allow you to pick up some new stuff to play with in the pool. The fun is just starting and we can’t wait to buy some of this new Pool stuff.

binweevils pool items

The picture shows some of the new items that will be available this week on Binweevils. We are not sure how much each item will cost but we are sure it won’t break the bank!

Which Binweevils Pool item is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below! We hope you have a ton of fun playing by the pool.

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Cheestrings and Yollies Coming To Binweevils

Have you found a secret Binweevils code in either of your Cheesstrings or Y0llies yet? If so then hold on to them because in the near future you will be able to use them to unlock something really cool.

That’s right, Cheestrngs and Yollies have worked out a partnership with Binweevils and we are just waiting for the finalization of the transaction.

That being said, make sure you look in the Cheestrings and your Yollies for a code. We will update this page when we find out when you can use your codes.

In the meantime just hang on to your Binweevils code!

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Plants Grow Twice as Fast In July

Welcome to the month of July Binweevils fans! Did you know that plants grow faster in July meaning you can get way more XP and Mulch than all other months.

The sun is out all around the Binscape and the plants in your garden can’t seem to get enough of it.

Because of the heatwave that has been hanging around plants grow twice as fast throughout the entire month of July. There is no extra responsibilities from you, all you need to do is plant away and wait for the plants to grow and harvest them.

Remember, you get to collect XP and Mulch by harvesting plants so this is a good way to earn a lot of that.

Do you have any tips for gardening that you would like to share with all of us? If so, then please leave a comment below.

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Binweevils Codes July 2015

Its getting to be the end of the month which means the new Binweevils codes for July 2015 are here.

We love receiving new codes and passing them on to you for all of you to use. Binweevils codes are great to use to get free items such as nest items, Dosh, XP and even Mulch.

Well, lets take a look at this new list of codes shall we!

Binweevils Codes July 2015

The first code will give you 60 free dosh but you have to act fast because it expires during this month. The code is 60DOSHCOINS.

The next Binweevils code on the list is 48Dosh and this will give you your very own Flip Poster to hang in your nest.

The third code to share with you is Marleywoobn145 and this will give you a whooping 350 Mulch.

So you still want some more Binweevils codes? Alright, the next one is 155310GYM and this will unlock a bin pet toy worth two Dosh.

Well, so far this is the list of the new Binweevils codes for July 2015. Make sure to check back as we are always updating this website with new codes.

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