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Binweevils Codes

Looking for all the Binweevils codes that the game has put out for all its users?! You have come to the right place! Codes within the game of Binweevils can be used for a variety of different things including to get nest items, experience points or XP, and even mulch!

With a specific code you usually receive only one of the things I mentioned above but there are some codes that give you multiple items within the same category or a combination or items from different categories!

Also, check out this page for dosh codes!

How to Enter Binweevils Codes

  • Go to Your map within your Binweevils account
  • Click on Lab’s Lab which is the icon of floating books with an 8 ball on top
  • Click on the Mystery Code Machine on the left side of Lab’s Lab
  • Enter your secret code in the space provided

Binweevils Codes that work

I have listed the full list of codes that should all work still! If you find one that doesn’t, please let me know and I will be sure to update the list. Otherwise have fun and enjoy all the items that you will get for free!

Click here for the new Binweevils Dosh code for 2015

Click here for the new Binweevils code for 150 XP

500 Mulch – 170424

Plate of Tapas – RIGG4F

Plate of Guacamole – 252128255565

SWS Water Balloon Canon – 156945293539

SWS Super Top Telescope – 381414592592350


SWS Boat Rucksack

Vacuum Cleaner – BINKRAZE4692

Bin Burrito – SLIMESAUCE

SWS Water Balloon Canon – 156945293539

Fling Rocks Poster – 334147407675

Green Scent Flower in Starry Pot – 35277325

Blue Sweet Jar/50 Mulch – 3ORANGE14

Pirate Flag – 5DOTTROTT42WEB

Replica of Dosh’s Top Hat & Monocle – 7GREEN1549FLING9

Gam & Baby Colin Picture – 8DRAGON

Bin Weevils Rock Poster – 10ROCK30

Spring Poster – 156315963

Safari Coconut Torch – 16SCRIBBLES3

Scribbles Wall Sticker – 16STICKER1026

Bouncy Football – 19FOOTBALL11

Flam’s Propeller – 32WHIZZFIGG6PUNT

Red Mushroom Stool – 48MAGIC10


Dosh Jack-In-The-Box – 300TINK2PET4KEY

The Nest Inspector Poster – 426NEST886

Lady Wawa Poster (Posh’s Bin Pet) – 475BOSH10356BLUE

Exploding Bell Jar – 986SLD3Z7J

Balloon Machine – 321338

Golden Bin Weevil Magnifying Glass Trophy – 325645

Party Time Bin Pet House – 923413

Coat Stand – 4939123635

Ink’s Wallpaper – 172530334753

Slimy Green Cauldron – 252427415363

Bookshelf – 7206696115137

Bookcase – 7206696115160

Bunty’s Backstage VIP Passes – RUG18MANOR11KIP7

Scribbles Halloween Poster – SCRIBBLESBOO


Bookshelf – 72096115137160

Bin Weevils BAFTA wallpaper – BAFTA4BW2011

Bin Weevils BAFTA Balloons (2012) – BAFTA4BW2012

Welcome Sign – BIN4

Vacuum Cleaner – BINKRAZE4692

Pink Tulip Seed – BLUEROSE

Bin Pet Ball Toys – Miniature FLIP Themed Ball – BOUNCE2012

Nest Inspector Mirror – BUGZ3R6D6

Happy Easter Poster – BUNNY2012HOP

Book Monster – BUNTY


Happy Halloween Poster (Red) – REDEYE10

SWS Wallpaper – RESPECT

Bin Pet Wallpaper – FAW275L9Z3P4

Weevil X Poster – FLAM2840JAM4ROPE

Fab’s Fortune Telling Machine – FORTUNE219

Cauldron of Green Goo – FRIDAY13TH


Bonfire Night Firework Wallpaper – GFOX511

Gold Christmas Tree – GLITTER24

Pink Love Heart wallpaper – GOGIRL711

Green slime wallpaper – ICKY3859

Secret Weevil Service Poster – IMAGINE2012BW

Jubilee Bunting – BW2012ROYAL

BAFTA Bin Weevils 2012 Wallpaper – BW4573WALL

BAFTA Bin Weevils Trophy – BW8765TROPHY

BAFTA Bin Weevils Throne – BW9976THRONE

Whoopee Cushion – C6247OUTWIT

Posh’s Celebrity Poster – DOSH2APPLE6RED8

Gymnastic Flip Poster – GONG5HEM12POSH4

Happy Halloween Poster Green – GREENEYE11

Pumpkin / 13 XP – HALL13

Halloween Sign – HALLOBIN31

Happy St Patricks Day Poster – LUCKY2012GREEN

Milk & Cookies  – MERRY2412

Cardboard Box Seat – MYSTERY3

Message in a Bottle – PARRRTY

Earth Day Wallpaper 2012 – PLANET2012BW

Posh Poster – RIGG1016TONG905

Scribbles Halloween Poster – SCRIBBLESMAGIC

Scribbles’ Signed Celebrity Star Poster – SCRIBBLESSTAR12

Cardboard Box Seat – SECRET8

Filing Cabinets – SMK422A8T6Y

SMYTHS Toy Superstore Wallpaper – SMYTHS2012

Exploding Cake – TGZ638J9A4Q

Bunty’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster – TINK57BLUE3DOSH7

Grimy Toilet – TOILET2849

Happy New Year Banner – WEEVILYWISH2013

Weevil Weekly poster 100th Issue Poster – WW100THANKYOU

Weevil Weekly Issue 150th Issue Poster – WW150POSTER15

Smelly Sock Chandelier – YUCK2972

Flam Flying Poster – ZOOM2012FLAM

Rotten Fish Head – TOXIC711

Toymaster Dog Item – TOYMASTER1112

Welcome Sign – TREAT6

Labs Potion Worktable – TRIGG7324KEMBLUE

Bing Christmas Portrait – CHRISTMASINJULY

Gong Action Figure – GIRLS24

Plate of Nachos – MARACAS

Laser WEB shield – LSFS96ATBL7XTF

Earth Day Recycle Box – PETUNIA

Floating Eyes Canister – GROSS9254

Slime Bed – SLIMY8345

New Bin Weevils Welcome Sign – WELCOME123

SWS Bin Pet Trophy – 40MUSHROOMS

Scribbles Easter Poster – EGGS2013

Rigg’s Blueprint of Bin Weevil Changer – NEWGATEDOORS

Giant Ice Cube – 3ICY23

Earth Day Wallpaper – BEGREEN2013

Gravity Defying Chair – 283643416465

Cuddly Easter Bunny – EASTERTINK13

Purple Scent Flower in Starry Pot – 2832029

Tink & Clott Bed – MISSYOU123

Pinnata – FIESTA

Castle Gam Dungeon Door – SWS4GSFS4WXSBA

The Official Guide Wallpaper – GO6COLIN2GLITTER

Easter Nest Inspector Poster – BESTNESTBUNNY

Golden Saxophone – BINMUSIC2013

St Patricks Day Poster – LUCKY2013

Easter Bunny- EASTER2013

Binweevils Magazine Poster Codes

Magazine Poster Issue 15 – 81626323640

Magazine Poster  Issue 14 – 725273141

Magazine Poster Issue 13 – 3PINK7TUMDAB11

Magazine Poster Issue 12 – CICERO24GLUM1118

Magazine Poster Issue 11 – ZING8BOP6HEM6BED

Magazine Poster Issue 10 – 12151617

Magazine Poster Issue 9 – 12HOLLYGOSH3110

Magazine Poster Issue 8 – 7SLIMEDIGG695KIP

Magazine Poster Issue 7 – 473235

Magazine Poster Issue 6 – 519253133

Magazine Poster Issue 5 – DOSH24KEM10CROWN

Magazine Poster Issue 4 – RIGGRED5HAM7PINK

Magazine Poster Issue 3 – DOSH3PINK6GREEN3

Magazine Poster Issue 2 – 9BLUE10FLAG15KIP

Magazine Poster Issue 1 – LAB19SLUDGE5RED8

Binweevils Codes for Mulch

50 Mulch – WEEVILYWOW50

1000 Mulch – 63

1000 Mulch – 685

500 Mulch  and/or 30 XP – 167HOLIDAY1

500 Mulch – 3RED6SCRIBBLES

Pirate Flag and/or 200 Mulch – 11GEM6

200 Mulch – CLOTT25000

1000 Mulch – MULCHMAG1120

250 Mulch – JET398FRUIT2

500 Mulch – SEA2012

150 Mulch – WW150MULCH13

1000 Mulch – SWSP4KJL47AF

Binweevils Codes for XP


200 XP – LAB229MULCH3

150 XP – WW150XP3

Binweevils Codes entry

That’s all the codes I have found which should all work like I said! Remember, if they do not work, please let me know and I will take them off the site. Also, most of these codes can only be used one time and then you cannot use them anymore! I hope my list helps! Have fun and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube account.

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